Kirsten McCord is a composer, cellist, and producer. Kirsten uses her many unique and incredibly touching talents to create her unforgettable signature sound. Among other film scores, she has composed music for Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, for Give Up Tomorrow, a Tribeca Film Festival Award winning documentary, and is featured in the end credits for Between The Miles, from Brown Eyed Girls Productions. Additionally, she played for Oscar Nominated Artist, Elliott Smith, who has done music for the films American Beauty, The 70th Annual Academy Awards, Up In The Air, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Good Will Hunting (Gus Van Sant). Her compositions were included in an episode of NBC’s Parenthood and in a radio drama series for WBAI called Aliens. She also writes music for countless other musical mediums in the entertainment world such as games, fashion shows, launch parties and art installations, and various other TV shows and commercials.

Kirsten’s well crafted and deeply-felt music navigates diverse aesthetics and always becomes a memorable part of the whole experience, perfectly melding the visual with the audio, where the viewer is happily lost and the essence of time does not matter. She is currently working with members of The Swans and ex-Cop Shoot Cop with the project called The Children on a 2016 forthcoming album. She is also heavily involved in the New Age and World arena of music where it ties in with soundtracking and she is a fixture of the NYC Live Music Yoga scene and has played in most of the major yoga affiliated centers of the world. Kirsten’s music preparation and editing skills have been sought by major arts organizations and yoga studios alike.

Sonic Youth’s co-founder Thurston Moore released Kirsten’s first solo album on his Ecstatic Peace label (on limited pressing vinyl). Her eclectic and versatile resume includes studio work and live performances not only with Elliott Smith, but with Vic Chesnutt, Mo Tucker, Jarboe (see complete list of labels and artist affiliations under the associations tab). Her Ecstatic Peace album was met with critical praise. Byron Coley (music critic and writer for Spin Magazine, Forced Exposure, The Wire, Arthur) wrote of her, “When this New York-based multi instrumentalist actually sent a tape, it was of the music you now hold in your hands – a very difficult to peg mix of vocal-less sounds, textures and gestures, with equal debts to the original Phillip Glass ensemble, early OMD, and the glass harmonica compositions of Benjamin Franklin.” (See a full list under the “associations” page on her website or here)

In her career, Kirsten has collaborated with various indie bands, orchestras, chamber music groups, musicals, experimental and performance art groups, electronic, punk and rock bands and performed in many visual art installations. One of her first significant and influential shoe gazing performance acts, Rex (ex-Codeine/Sub Pop members), was an early pioneer of Williamsburg’s music and art scene. During her time with Rex, Kirsten made a name for herself in the indie rock world as she developed her eloquent style of playing. The music that Rex created’s timing was cut in half and it was more like a soundtrack to life. The beauty of this concept became a passion of Kirsten’s and this is the reason why she has the provocation to create beautiful music and to write it for the moving image.

She studied at Music and Film Schools such as The Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, New York University, Eastman School of Music, and SUNY Purchase where she received her B.A. in Music Performance in 1995. She has had master classes with Yo-Yo Ma, played in orchestras with Alan Gilbert (Conductor of the NY Philharmonic) and among her teachers were Ardyth Alton (trained by Leonard Rose), and Aldo Parisot who was an influential teacher hailing from the faculty at Yale who was deemed by Janos Starker “the best cello teacher of our time.”

Currently, among other musical projects, Kirsten writes and produces meditation music for the NYC yoga community and also plays cello live for yoga classes.

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A line from one of Kirsten’s favorite poems that she has always come back to is by John Keats which sums it all up in a nutshell: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”